7 Secrets

7 Secrets to a Lovely and Healthy Home (with low running costs)

Double-glazed windows, insulation, a heat pump, and you are all, set right? Wrong.

It’s a big job incorporating all you need into your home. Why? Because, it will be all up to you. You see, many of the top home building companies are mostly interested in doing what they have always done. Not what they should do and why.

This session will illustrate the 7 things that will make all the difference to your family’s comfort and running costs.

Photo Voltaic Power:  This will pay for itself, lock, stock, and barrel (despite what you read)

Underfloor heating: This is fundamentally different heat unlike any other (supreme whole-house comfort)

Hot Water Heating: Learn how you can seriously reduce your water-heating costs (save beyond 2/3)

Windows: They don’t need to be the most expensive to perform at their best (3 things that you must know)

Moisture Management:  This is an absolute key to your family’s health (end black mould forever)

Wall Structure: A good old “two by” wall can be okay, but there are others (get your options)

Orientation and Shading: Sunlight is free, but holding it out matters, too (the two-month difference)

Join us for complimentary light refreshments. There is free parking on site, but as the seminar is on level one, it is not accessible for those with mobility issues.

Attendance is free, but seats are limited so register to avoid missing out.