Breaking news: underfloor cooling is now available in Canterbury!

Breaking news: underfloor cooling is now available in Canterbury!

Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor cooling ! We at have made the underfloor cooling function available in Canterbury. This new and improved function can keep your home warm in the winter and now cool in the summer with just a flick of a switch.

One System, Double the Benefit

With all our air to water heat pumps now being able to be put into reverse and do cooling, this creates a big benefit to effectively have one system in your home that performs two jobs with the same level of comfort and efficiency all year round. And with the connectivity with solar we can use the summer sun to cool your floor slab, increasing the productivity of your solar. 

Is it cost effective?

The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand has one of the largest underfloor cooling systems, which covers an area of 150,000m2 of our exact system for the purpose of cooling the building. This project is one of the biggest success stories for green building design, which achieves a very high level of energy efficiency and cost-saving. Want to know more about this project and why they chose this system. Please read the following post:

Cost of cooling with ?

FREE! Yes, it’s FREE for the first FIVE early birds who are choosing underfloor heating for their new home, we at would design and install the heat pump radiant cooling function for FREE!
Dial (03)377-8026 for a consultation now! The consultation is also FREE!