Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot water heating is essential all year round and it can make up a huge part of your power bills. Most hot water cylinders are heated by an element in the bottom of the cylinder, but this can become very costly. Our air-to-water heat pumps can be used to heat the water in your cylinder at a fraction of the cost.

Heat Pump Benefits


Energy Efficient

Air-to-water heat pumps heat your cylinder at 4 times the efficiency of a standard electric element.


Increased Savings

Hot water heating is a HUGE part of energy expense all year round. These costs can be cut by up to 75%!


Domestic or Commercial

Suitable for domestic and commercial options. Savings can be made immediately for both.

Stop throwing your money down the drain!

For every $1000 you currently spend on heating domestic hot water using electricity, you could be spending only $300 (or less) if you were using one of our air-to-water heat pumps. 

Start saving now.

When a hot water heat pump is fitted, the savings start immediately.
We have calculated that these savings are in the order of $200-$300 per person per year. This means that in a four person house hold, you can easily save $1000 in a year. With an installation cost from $4000 this is a MASSIVE 25% annual return… so why wait?
This rate of return is generally better than a solar PV system and is around half the cost.
We also offer commercial solutions. The payback on these can be less than 2 years.

How do our air-to-water heat pumps work?

With an air-to-water heat pump, 1kWh electricity can generate around 4kWh heat energy, while a standard electric element (in the hot water cylinder) can only produce 1kWh heat energy. This magic of multiplying the energy makes our heat pumps super efficient and ensures savings from day one.

diagram of how a heat pump works

The CGKS air-to-water heat pumps (monoblock) are among the best models designed for domestic hot water and underfloor heating. This heat pump series include CGKS 3.5, CGKS 5.5, CGKS 7 and CGKS 9. Our heat pumps feature:

  • C.O.P ( Co-efficiency Of Performance ) up to 5.13
  • Working air temperature range: -10℃ to 45℃
  • Max outlet water temperature: 60℃
  • Bronze body built-in circulation water pump
  • Mitsubishi or Panasonic compressor
  • Stainless steel cases
  • Forced defrosting function

Do you need a particular cylinder?

Retrofitting our air-to-water heat pumps by connecting them to your current cylinder is a popular option. Our heat pumps are guaranteed to work with the Peter Cocks stainless steel 250l or 300l cylinders from the SDB range or equivalents to this. They’re also compatible with most other cylinders, pressure, make, and model and we don’t normally require a change in cylinder, but please consult with us before making a final decision.

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