Learn how Solar PV power might more than pay for itself

New Thinking

Learn how Solar Photo Voltaic power can more than pay for itself with your underfloor heating and hot water.

You’re invited because you have air-to-water heat pumps heating your floor slab and hot water cylinder. So, it is probable that you can save enough money to completely pay for a new Solar Photo Voltaic installation and lower your energy costs even further.

Learn why and how this is possible.

$10,000 will get you a pretty powerful Photo Voltaic system installed. The increase to your mortgage by that will cost you about $50 per month. That is principal and interest. We reckon in Christchurch such an installation will save you more than $100 per month on average. That means your savings will be double the cost. And, that is from month one.

You already have the hardest part done: the installation of pipes in your floor.

While warmth.nz doesn’t sell or install Solar Photo Voltaic panels, we have asked a couple of different solar companies along to answer your questions. We just want you to make the most of what you have. We want you to learn how to be even bigger winners.

The first session is fully booked.

The next on available is on 6:00 pm, Thursday the 7th of June.

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We will provide drinks and snacks at 5:30 pm. The session should only take about half an hour, and then the Solar companies will take on your questions.