warmth.nz work with LiteGreen for Sustainable NZ Homes

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Built on TC1 land, this home rests on a fully insulated concrete foundation with in-slab hydronic underfloor heating. This combined with a dual hot-water heat pump connected to a 3.4Kw Photo Voltaic (solar) system, provides the home with warmth throughout without an expensive power bill.

“The real challenge in residential building is educating the public that the current building code is actually the minimum standard you can build to. It is legally the worst home you can build in New Zealand,” says LiteGreen’s general manager, Martin Thompson. “People often focus on the schist pillar and the cedar cladding without paying closer attention to greater insulation and air tightness required to make their home warm and energy efficient.”

This 232 m² home fully embraces the principles it embodies, as it continues to inspire and inform LiteGreen’s many other clients. The company is also part of the Superhome Movement, which is focussed on raising standards in the New Zealand building industry. The Pegasus build, along with two other builds, will be featured this June in Canterbury’s annual Superhome Exemplar Tour.

“As more people start living in these energy-efficient houses and realise how much better they are to live in, then demand for them will continue to grow.”

The Pegasus home achieves a minimum HomeStar 6 rating – a now industry-recognised rating that is classed as being 4 times superior to the standard building code with surprisingly minimal extra cost.

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