Our Fabulous Team

Zsuzsa - Accounts
John - Sales
Hanshu - General
Brian - Projects
Lara - Marketing
Martin - Marketing
Rick - Wholesale
Jobin - Installation
John - Technical

Accounts & Office Manager

Zsuzsa Zsiga     |     zsuzsa@warmth.nz

Zsuzsa is the central operating system for warmth.nz. Her daily work ranges from receiving and redirecting all enquires, handling accounts and invoices to general administrative and office support for the team. Zsuzsa loves travelling and looking after her physical fitness. In her spare time, she’s actively building her online health, beauty and wellness business.

Sales Manager

John Schurink     |     john.s@warmth.nz

John spends his days liaising with a range of people from our customers to our partners. He has an eye for opportunities and works well with prospects and customers ensuring people are aware of how the best home heating solution is available to anyone and everyone. Cycling, fishing, diving and golf fill any spare time available after family life.

General Manager

Hanshu Li     |     hanshu@warmth.nz

Hanshu strongly believes in delivering the real healthy heating, and as the general manager every day brings something new for her. Hanshu works closely with every team member and still has plenty of energy left to manage projects in the field and keep in touch with suppliers. Outside of work, Hanshu is a budding artist and is developing a talent for oil painting.

Project Manager

Brian Corless     |     brian@warmth.nz

Brian’s plumbing background, along with his extensive knowledge and many years of experience in underfloor heating installation makes him the perfect person to oversee all aspects of onsite work and quality control to ensure our customers receive top-notch service and a memorable experience. Brian is a dedicated family man who treasures spending time with his son Theo and wife Karissa. When the opportunity arises, he’s keen to take his mountain bike out for a spin or explore new tramping tracks.

Marketing Assistant

Lara Hagedorn     |     lara@warmth.nz

Lara is a marketing student at the University of Canterbury and part time marketing assistant at warmth.nz. With less than a year left of her degree she is keen to learn all there is about marketing and put some of the skills she has learnt to good use educating potential customers on healthy home options. When she’s not studying or working, Lara enjoys reading, playing netball and exploring the outdoors.

Marketing Manager

Martin Reilly     |     martin@warmth.nz

Martin sounds North American but really is a true born and bred Kiwi. He lived in Chicago for many years and developed an in-depth understanding of heating systems for very cold environments. Martin’s focus is marketing, but he is also happy to contribute to the sales side of things. He has a customer focus which compliments the technical team. In his spare time, Martin likes to watch movies and try different cuisines whenever possible.

Product & Wholesale Manager

Rick Zhang     |     rick@warmth.nz

Rick is our computer whizz. Thanks to his background in IT, as well as his working experience with commercial heat pumps, he is a vital part to our import quality control and has allowed warmth.nz to continuously expand our online presence and share our technical knowledge with a wider audience. Rick loves reading and is keen to improve his English language skills. In his spare time, he also likes to keep fit and practice kickboxing.

Service Technician and Installer

Jobin Johns     |     jobin@warmth.nz

Jobin helps out with the installation of systems and any servicing they require. His extensive knowledge in HVAC along with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from his native India, make him an extremely valuable addition to the team. In his spare time, Jobin likes watching movies, learning about business and exploring his newly adopted country with his wife Simi.

Technical Guru

John Kipping     |     john@warmth.nz

With over 15 years of experience in heating options, John really is our technical guru. He has an interest in better quality homes for health and economical reasons and wants to see more homes with underfloor heating. John is also mad keen on electrical vehicles and chocolate and when not working on heating related issues, you might find John dabbling in forestry and carbon credits.