SCOP of SPRSUN 16KW DC Inverter Heat Pump Reaches 4.88!

SCOP of SPRSUN 16KW DC Inverter Heat Pump Reaches 4.88!

*SCOP: Seasonal Coefficient of Performance

Following the 9.5KW DC inverter heat pump certified with the A+++ ERP Level, SPRSUN 16.6KW DC inverter heat pump has been recently tested by TÜV SÜD. Without doubt, this model is also rated A+++ ERP class with a SCOP of 4.88! The test report indicates that our DC inverter air source heat pumps are highly energy-efficient with low energy consumption and a high coefficient of performance.                                               

SPRSUN DC inverter heat pumps can work efficiently through floor heating, water fan coil or radiator for heating/cooling. This new series of heat pump units utilizes the advanced DC inverter technology to achieve high efficiency with energy saving up to 30%, which means their energy consumption is 30% less than that of non-inverter air source heat pump units.

With Panasonic rotary compressor, SPRSUN DC inverter heat pumps can change the operating frequency of the compressors automatically according to the hot water, heating or cooling requirements. When the target temperature is reached, they will run at a lower frequency to reduce energy loss. Equipped with DC inverter brushless fans, the products adopt new noise reduction measures so that the sound of the unit is controlled at a satisfactory level. By operating in the voltage range of 150V-260V (1ph) or 330V-450V (3ph), the air to water heat pumps reduce the impact of voltage instability on the environment. Using a smart control panel (CAREL controller with RS485 / WIFI APP), multiple heat pumps can be controlled at once for greater operating efficiency. Moreover, the intelligent defrosting technology makes optimal defrosting decisions to minimize energy consumption and improve customer satisfaction.

The new energy-efficient DC inverter heat pumps from SPRSUN offer an eco-friendly and money-saving option for homeowners looking for heating, cooling, and hot water. Learn more information about SPRSUN DC inverter air source heat pumps: