Silver Lining

The Lake Ohau fires were a devastating event for the small village. Over 40 homes and buildings were destroyed beyond hope of repair. Fortunately, no lives were lost, thanks to a few brave residents who ran through the village knocking on doors and waking up those who did not wake up to the sound of the alarms.

It was not just buildings that were affected, the Ohau Conservation Trust who do valuable work in the Lake Ohau area lost a lot of their equipment and much of the native foliage in the area was destroyed. 

The Ohau Conservation Trust work to encourage the growth of native plants and species as well as keeping out predators. As a trust they run on grants and donations, and now you can add your support to allow them to get more trapping equipment and other supplies to begin undertaking the restoration process. The Lake Ohau area will be returned to its former beauty.

Houses can be rebuilt and out of this disaster comes the unique opportunity to rebuild an entire village with a focus on healthier homes.

Rebuilding allows residents to consider modern energy efficient technology to heat and cool their dwellings in an economic and environmentally friendly way.

These new systems are the most affordable to install and run, simple to operate and combine beautifully with other clean tech systems such as Solar Photovoltaic.

It is the intention of and our partners to help victims of the Lake Ohau fires with the purchase and installation of their new systems. Just call us today to discuss! 

For those of you who live outside of Lake Ohau and if you show your support by donating to the Ohau Conservation Trust, please give us a call to discuss what we can do to help you with your new homes.