The SUPERHOME Movement

SUPERHOME Movement from the beginning

Bob Burnett does not have to imagine what it feels like to feel real warmth.  He knows.  He feels it every day in winter.  You see Bob has long been featuring underfloor heating in the designs he creates for his clients as an Architectural Designer.  And he has it in his house on the hill in Christchurch.

And he had us install our simple system in the first two 10 homestar homes in New Zealand that he built in Addington.  Can you imagine, we heat each of those two homes with only 1.15kWs of electricity.  That also heats the hot water.  Yes.  That is only about half of what an oil heater uses.  And he uses solar panels to provide some of the electricity.

And the heat is complete and everywhere.  It is supremely comfortable, and running with air-to water heat pumps, it is the cheapest way to heat a whole house. 

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        Our Director, Martin Reilly, joined together with Bob to found the SUPERHOME Movement  in 2015.  It all came to the fore when Mayor Dalziel opened Bob’s first home to a large crowd of people.  The following year, we started the SUPERHOME Tour. 

Now that tour has completed four years of showing off dozens of outstanding homes to the people of Christchurch, in fact, of New Zealand.  Thousands of new home owners come looking at the ideas and work of many different people.  And, recent years tours can still   be visited online. 
Photo of Martin (on the left) and Bob (on the right) 

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