Healthy Living – Free Seminar at Home Ideas Centre

Healthy Living - Free Seminar at Home Ideas Centre in conjunction with Land Homes

On 6:00 pm, Wednesday, the 9th May (Drinks and nibbles from 5:30) A Healthy family is a happy family. A Healthy Home is a Wealthy Home. As members of a family, we all have a responsible to ourselves, our children, our elders, as well as the broader community, to design healthy and cost-efficient homes. We cannot always rely on the ‘experts.’ So, it must be you who makes the choices that will enhance your family’s quality of life at home. And your knowledge can make a huge difference. This applies to both new homes and existing homes. We will discuss three essential ideas: Health, Comfort, and Economy. We will weave together ideas for a home’s various systems, structures and design that can give you a living experience that favours all three. Health: Air, moisture, light and warmth all have effects on our physical wellbeing. And, altogether these factors can impact how we and our family feel emotionally. So, learn how to manage these factors. Comfort: Many enhancements you can make to your home yield non-monetary benefits. Light and sunshine have comfort factors. How space is used has a comfort dimension. How energy is stored and used has comfort at its core. And comfort has physical and emotional effects. Comfort is something you should pay for. Make sure you get it. Economy: There are two components to the cost of a home: capital and running costs. Banks look at monthly costs. Even if your capital is not borrowed, look at your costs this way. Learn how to minimize your costs with new ways to look at energy, solar and not too much space. Come and learn about and discuss ideas that will make you aware of the possibilities of living better and helping others to do the same. Martin Reilly is a co-founder of the SUPERHOME Movement NZ Limited, and a director of and Hydronix underfloor heating companies. Martin started his professional life studying architecture at the University of Kentucky in the days of energy awareness and has never lost that interest.