The 600m2 preschool project in Halswell

600m2 Preschool Project in Halswell

It is currently under construction and is expected to be open in 2020.

As always, we have designed a straightforward and durable heating system. This system that we have designed for the Pre-School is both easy to operate and easy to maintain. It will provide a comfortable and warm environment for the kids, parents and teachers to enjoy.

The pipes have been installed before the concrete pours.

   • The pipes we install are made from PEX-b (cross linked polyethylene). This cross linking in the material delivers extraordinary strength and longevity
   • The pipes incorporate an Oxygen barrier
   • The pipes also incorporate a UV barrier

We have laid the feeder pipes in such a manner that they are designed to provide an even flow over the whole school to each run without any controls.

We are planning on fully utilising the thermal mass of the floor by circulating the water when the heat pumps aren’t running. This will ensure an even temperature throughout the building at all times. The temperature on the sunny rooms will be mitigated with any excess heat being transferred to the colder rooms.  

The temptation to attempt to over control this large thermal mass system should be resisted.  Excess inertial heat will move too slowly to recognize any such control.

Five-year warranty for the WHOLE system

Our SPRSUN heat pumps have stainless steel cases that ensure their longevity.

These heat pumps provide for both heating and cooling capacities.  

Our system features circulation pumps that have stainless steel or bronze bodies. This results in an entire system without ferrous materials. Meaning there is nothing to corrode in this closed loop system, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance costs to near zero


Here is a time lapse video of the pipe installation