There is a way to get 20% annual return, and…

There is a way to get 20% annual return, and…

If i tell you that there is a way to get a 20% annual return on your investment, would you call me a liar? What if we mention air-to-water heat pumps heating your cylinder at 4 times the efficiency of a standard electric element, Do you believe me now?

Hot water heating is a big part of our energy expense all year round. What if we are able to cut the running cost by 60%? How do we do it?

The Magic of Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pumps have a special magic which can transfer more energy into your hot water cylinder than an electric element.

With an air to water heat pump, 1kwh electricity can GENERATE around 4kwh heat energy, while the standard electric element (in the hot water cylinder) could only produce 1kwh heat energy. This magic of multiplying the energy, making it really energy efficient and money-saving from day 1. 

diagram of how a heat pump works


Air-to-water heat pumps can be retrofitted. The heat pumps can connected to your cylinder (compatible with most cylinders, pressure, make and model). We don’t normally require a change in cylinder but please consult with us before making any final decision. 

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Compared to every $1000 spent on a conventional electric cylinder, the heat pump domestic hot water system only runs at the cost of around $390, which means about 60% of the money can be saved.

Typical savings for a standard home in Canterbury would be at least $200 /person/year. For an ordinary family of 4 people, a hot water system with the heat pump can save you $800 – $1000 per year than the traditional method. We estimate a rough cost of $4000 for a fully supplied and installed hot water heat pump. This return on investment (ROI) could reach amazingly 20%!

How we see it , with an appropriate home loan, you only need to pay $19/month added onto your mortgage to enjoy the heat pump hot water. However, the saving for a family of 4 people could be anywhere from $66 to $83 per month. In other word, your payback could be INSTANTANEOUS!