30 Amp Time Clock

30 Amp Time Clock

  • Voltage rating- 220-240V
  • Hysteresis- 2 sec/day (25 degrees C)
  • ON/OFF operation- 17 ON/OFF
  • Power consumption- 4.5VA (MAX)
  • Service life- mechanical 10/7, electrical 10/7
  • Display- LCD
  • Minimum interval- 1 minute
  • Switching contact- 1 changeover switch
  • Power reserve- 3 years (lithium battery)
  • Ambient temperature- -10 +40 degrees C
  • Ambient humidity- 35-85% RH

Price on request.


The 24 hour/7 day time switch series are designed to be mounted inside a control panel and an accommodate surface/DIN rail or flush/panel mounting. Rechargeable battery is for retaining the current time and the program setting during timers operating power is disconnected.

The time switch can be operated in 4 separate power supplies, ranges from 240Vac to 12Vdc, such as lighting control,HVACR, pumps, motors, fan controls, access controls, water heater, OEM applications, agricultural facility, and general purpose electrical circuits.


Package L*H*W 96x76x68 mm
Gross weight 150 g
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