300m PE-RT Pipe

300m PE-RT Pipe

ID12mm, OD16mm

Price on request.


Warmth.nz are now using and supplying PE-RT pipe rather than PEX pipe for underfloor heating.

For many years warmth.nz has supplied and used PEX pipe or cross linked polyethylene pipe. We have no switched to PE-RT or polyethylene of raised temperature. The PE-RT pipe is still coloured black – the black being carbon black which is an anti UV barrier. This simply means the sun will not attack any exposed pipes whilst the house is being built.

The basic difference is the like of cross-linking.

Very importantly, the lack of cross-linking means PE-RT pipe is recyclable, PEX is not – and we believe plastics should be recycled if possible.

PE-RT pipe cannot be used for plumbing in the house – but this is the only drawback it has.

Please click to download the CE of the PE-RT pipe.


  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Long service life
  • UV protection, does not degrade in sunlight
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • Smooth wall for good water flow
  • High-impact strength
  • High and low temperature resistant

Portable water supplies must not use PE-RT pipe. If in doubt, ask.


Dimension ID 12, OD 16 mm
Package L*H*W 780x780x190 mm
Gross weight 25.5 Kg
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