Turn your new house into a home – with underfloor heating

Turn your new house into a home
– with
underfloor heating


By using heat pump technology  – you can now have a warm floor, a warm house, reasonable install costs and low running costs.

It’s surprisingly easy. We simply install a kilometre of plastic pipe in the floor before the concrete is poured, join all the pipes together, fill it with water, and fit a hot water heat pump.


How much does it cost to install? 100 square metres from $9,990.

How much does it cost to run? As a rough guide, $1-$1.50 per square metre per winter month. But obviously the warmer you want it, the higher the running cost.

With underfloor heating you don’t need a log burner, or highwall heat pumps, or a gas fire, or oil column heaters, or undertile heating, or a ducted system. Just one easy to use system, with virtually no ongoing maintenance.

We have found by far the biggest influence on running costs is solar gain. North or north west facing windows trap energy from the sun, and significantly lower running costs.


If you insist on building a house backwards, or if you insist on having the garage the warmest place to sit in winter, you will have higher running costs.

Did you know? Underfloor heating is not a consentable item – you can decide the day before your slab is poured to install. The only extra that may be required is a minimum of 40mm of polystyrene – and if this isn’t shown on the plans – a building inspector can pass it off on sight without additional cost or delay.

Note, to save any potential problems with foundation steel, we invariably staple the pipes direct to the polystyrene – which also means the pipes are out of the way of any sawcuts.


Yes, we can future proof your new house with pipes in the slab, from $32.50 per square metre. As long as a feed wire is put when the house is wired up (for the outdoor unit), the system can be finished off at any time in the future. Twenty four hours later it will be warm…everywhere.

The cost of finishing a system off? Depends on the size of the heat pump. A suitably sized unit for 100 square metres plus manifold and controls will be from $6,500 including GST.

Turn your concrete foundations into an asset rather than a cold liability.