Building houses that feel like homes with NZ’s greenest, most cost-effective home heating system. has served over 1000+ customers with an innovative heating and cooling solution for the past 12+years.

There’s a reason why 50+ Design & Build partners choose as their go-to home heating solution.



With savings like these, it’s no wonder NZ’s most influential architects chose’s heating systems for New Zealand’s first, second, and third 10-star home star homes.

A solution for builders who want to exceed client satisfaction

Looking for a point of difference you can offer clients for their new home builds?

With material shortages and tighter healthy home regulations, homeowners and the government are favouring warmer, healthier and more environmentally friendly homes. Are your builds living up to these expectations?

Be the builder that has your client’s friends and family asking “Wow, who built this house?” as they first step inside.

Hydronic underfloor heating is the perfect point of difference for any builder looking to stand out from the ordinary. For homes that REALLY make an impact on clients and become a source for passive referrals, a comfortable living environment is vital. After all, you can put all the work in to build a gorgeous structure – but it’s all wasted effort if it just doesn’t feel like home!

builders laying the pipes for home underfloor heating

Built for comfort, health and efficiency without the price you may think

Make the homes you build extra special with a low-cost underfloor heating and cooling system that’s environmentally friendly, and drastically reduces energy bills.
Your clients will love spending time in their new homes or new offices, without ever having to worry about being too cold or hot.
During winter, homeowners can enjoy even, comfortable warmth throughout their entire home. And, during the summer months, the property can remain cool without the need for costly air conditioning.

Here's how it works:

It all begins with our energy-efficient air to water heat pump technology. Warm water flows through pipes in your home’s foundation, turning your floor into a giant gentle radiator that heats your whole home from the toes up – including your hot water cylinder!

The air to water heat pump can also be reversed to provide underfloor cooling in the summer, allowing you to feel comfortable all year long with a complete climate solution in just one system!

birds eye view of underfloor heating pipe installation

And, because your home is being heated from the ground up, you’ll experience even heat distribution throughout the whole home (think pulling a fork out of the cutlery drawer and it’s just as warm as the rest of your home) and significantly cheaper energy bills!

1000+ happy customers can’t be wrong

For over 12 years has been a leading provider and installer of hydronic underfloor heating and cooling systems in NZ. Since 2010, we’ve been helping kiwi families enjoy warm, cosy & healthy living conditions inside their homes and offices. We guarantee a quality product, long-life warranties and an easy installation with almost zero maintenance. We work seamlessly around your current work schedule to deliver a premium heating & cooling solution that your clients won’t see or hear but can definitely feel.

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Be the builder who does things differently

Offer your clients something more than just the basics. Make them feel extra comfortable in their new homes, without breaking the bank.

Our Services are for you if

Old Way

New Way

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You’re feeling stuck in the past and doing the bare minimum to meet NZ’s very low housing standards.

You want to make a difference for your customers, the future of NZ and your bottom line. 
Stand out from the crowd and show your UVP with an innovative cost-effective underfloor system 


You’re brushing the environment off as something that really doesn’t concern you and the job you do and installing wildly economically inefficient heating systems

You want to Install a next-generation cost-effective heating solution that transforms a house to a home

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You’re delivering a house that customers like. It looks great, but doesn’t function or feel quite like home.

You want to build homes that customers love and rave about at every chance

Be the builder who does things differently​

“We used underfloor heating in NZ’s 1st 10 Homestar rated home.
This system and the way it was integrated into the design and utilising other complementary technologies was the biggest breakthrough in energy efficiency we have experienced in any project. We have installed similar systems by in almost all our BBA designs since. It is a dual system for both hot water and underfloor heating with a super-efficient hot water heat pump powered by PV solar panels. The floor slab is fully insulated and effectively acts like a battery as it provides storage of solar-generated thermal energy.”

Bob Burnett Architecture

“It has now been two years since we moved into our new home, after only having Hi walls and Ducted heating systems in the past I am very impressed at the increased level of comfort we have with a heated floor. Combining that with the hot water heat pump our power bill is a lot lower than I expected. Nearly half what our friends pay, and our entire home is warm all the time.
We found Warmth’s quote was a lot less than their competitors making in floor heating an affordable option for us, they offered less control which I was a little nervous about, however testing over the last two years has found you just don’t need it. Our whole house is warm and comfortable all the time.
Thanks Warmth.NZ, we recommend you to anyone building a new home.”

Anthony, Missy & Zach

“Installing a hot water and underfloor heating system with the warmth team, have been stellar to deal with and went beyond the call of duty to repair an accidental hole another contractor put in one of the pipes. Could have been a messy finger pointing exercise but really impressed that they just got in there and got it sorted. Looking forward to next winter!”


“We’re going through our fourth winter in our new house and choosing to install underfloor heating with was one of the best decisions we made when building our house. Everyone comments on how nice and warm our house always is. Martin, John and the team were great through the whole process and still provide great sales support and service. Highly recommended!”


“From the first communication, to ordering, advice and technical support during the insulation and fabulous follow up support, team have been nothing but exemplary in communication and professional advice. We installed the heat pump hot water system and heat pump heated concrete floor. The best investment in creating a healthy economical to run home we have ever made.”


“Warmth NZ installed the in-slab and hot water heating in our home, two years ago, when we built an energy efficient home in Christchurch. Over the years, I had always been a solid fuel fire person but circumstance said I needed to look at alternatives. I’m not a fan of high wall heat pumps, so that was out. I talked with Warmth NZ and thought this could be for us. It was the best decision we made in the build. The level of comfort has to be experienced to believe. I will never go back to any other type of heating. It’s not expensive to run, our power bills have been very acceptable. Do it once, do it right and you will never regret it.


“Absolute pleasure dealing with They gave great advice on how to hook up our hot water heat pump to an existing buffer tank, and made this job very accessible to me. Their fittings are of the highest quality and they work very well for our setup. Thanks so much for your excellent service!


“It’s gearing up to get chilly again, but I’m actually looking forward to having toasty warm toes again. This will be our second winter using Warmth NZ’s underfloor heating system and I couldn’t be happier. Everything works extremely well and it’s great knowing that I’m not going to run out of firewood or have any other worries.
The Management and engineering team at Warmth NZ are super professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They know their stuff and they make it happen for you. They are experts at what they do, and what they do is keep your house warm! Just set your thermostat and relax.


“I contacted Warmth NZ to ask if my control settings in underfloor heating might need adjustment. A technician came the next day to check and make adjustments. While there Hanshu also picked up a small maintenance item that needed attending to which was fixed the next day and all at no charge. Both the staff, Hanshu and Jobin, were very knowledgeable and couldn’t be more helpful. I found their service to be top class given the system was installed a few years ago. Warmth NZ certainly provide excellent follow up service and I would highly recommend this company.


Luxurious comfort without the hefty price tag

Impress your clients and build warmer, healthier, energy-efficient homes today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is’s hydronic heating & cooling system better than regular heatpumps?

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable way to heat your home. You can’t see the warmth, but you can feel it. And the warmth in the floor radiates out to everything; furniture – walls –curtains – windows. Our system is also much more energy-efficient and discrete than regular heat pumps

If underfloor heating is so good, why isn’t it the mainstream option?

Central underfloor heating is common in many countries around the world but has only recently begun to take traction in New Zealand. There’s a general lack of knowledge when it comes to systems like the one uses and we find that once people understand how it works, they never want to go back.

How can I convince my clients to use underfloor heating?

Let the stats speak for themselves. Heat pump hot water can save around 70% of the power bill on hot water – and that’s just the hot water bill! We have plenty of information, stats, and resources available for free on our website. Or, if you’re local, come and visit one of our showhomes and let them experience the superior comfort for themselves.

Why should I choose over other companies offering underfloor heating?

We are specialists with 10+ years of experience. We are flexible, have excellent project management, and pride ourselves in no callbacks.

What’s in it for me?

A point of differentiation for your business that will help build your reputation. We also give volume based discounts.

Is there a risk for cross-contamination?’s underfloor system is closed-loop and is completely separate from the potable water supply, therefore cross-contamination is not possible.

Why Air to Water Heat pumps?

At the end of the day, underfloor heating is invariably the best solution for a new house, and it can be powered in various ways. We selected air-to-water heat pumps because they’re simple, convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Be the builder who does things differently

Offer your clients something more than just the basics. Make them feel extra comfortable in their new homes, without breaking the bank.