Why warmth.nz

10 Years Expertise

Hundreds and hundreds of happy clients and over ten years of experience

Great Service

Professional responses. We support on our team members as well as our community

5 Year Warranty​

Long Life System Warranty. Additional one year warranty for heat pump(s)

Cost Effective

Affordable installation  and running cost. Increases the property value

Radiant warmth

Feel the warmth from all the surfaces in the house

High Efficiency

SPRSUN are world class energy efficient heat pumps, i.e. inverter units sCOP at 4.88:1

Simple Control

wireless thermostatic controls – simple and effective

Almost Zero Maintenance

No ongoing service charge. No ferrous components = low maintenance

No Draught

No hot air blowing around or heating the ceiling first

Silent In-home Heating

Heat gets transferred through the water pipes in the foundation. 

No Buffer Tank

No Additional tank for underfloor heating required

Wifi enabled

Wifi controls with a smart phone app available on request.

Eco Friendly

Minimal waste produced. Using green heat source. No fossil fuels involved

Whole Home Heating

Luxurious underfloor heating heats every room simply and economically

Add on Cooling

Reversible heat pumps and fancoil for cooling

Hot Water Heating

Most affordable and economical way to heat domestic hot water