‘Best Modern Method of Construction’ award

World Architecture News Awards thoroughly understood the power of the design of Max’s Black Door House, and they awarded it first prize in the ‘Best Modern Method of Construction’ category, with the comment that the house “stands as an object of art overlooking the ocean.”

When choosing Warmth.nz underfloor heating, both the architect and builder knew the client would be thrilled, not only now, but well into the future. And, there is special satisfaction for the company knowing they didn’t rely on an expensive system to win the award.

Warmth.nz advise anyone building a new home that they can install luxurious underfloor heating for only $100 m². The economical installation cost plus the ability to extend or add to the system, means the home is set up for future additions, and the homeowner will live in luxury and warmth every winter.

The company provides exemplar systems with low running costs for luxurious home heating right from the outset by installing in-floor piping when the foundations are poured. Once installed, the benefits are gained through the total capital and running cost.  Read the complete Metropol article here (PDF).