Healthy heat starts at your feet are South Island leading specialists in Hydronic Underfloor Heating.

In this beautifully simple system, a heat pump warms up water which flows through pipes in your concrete foundation. Your entire foundation is transformed into a giant, gentle radiator that warms (or cools) your whole home.
Quiet, constant heat in every room provides sublime comfort for your family from the toes up. Energy-efficient running costs provide immediate savings and long-term peace of mind.

● High-quality design, technology, and componentry
● Superb comfort all year round, throughout your entire home
● The healthiest, most affordable heating system on the market

How exactly does it work?

An air-to-water heat pump heats water, which is circulated through a network of plastic pipes laid in a home’s concrete slab foundation. These are joined together and controlled by a manifold placed inside the house. The overall temperature control is set by a thermostat placed in a neutral heat zone in the house.

Discover the difference

Save money from day one’s Hydronic Underfloor Heating system literally amplifies energy. For every 1KW of power used, 4KW of warmth goes into your home. That means real savings, real fast: the money you save on heating is likely to be greater than the cost of installation on your mortgage.

Sublime, steady, all-over warmth

Unlike forced air,’s hydronic heating system warms everything else in your home too: people, pets, furniture, walls, windows, even the toilet seat. It’s a quiet, enduring heat that feels more satisfying and keeps your home safer by helping to eliminate mould, condensation and draughts.

Year-round climate perfection

Make chilly winters a thing of the past with the comfort of low-cost, radiant warmth throughout your home all winter. Then, when you’re melting in the summer heat, simply flick a switch to reverse the process and your home will become as cool as a cucumber.

Better for the planet too

Thanks to highly energy-efficient air-to-water heat pump technology, the system is easy on fossil fuels and better for the environment. It’s no wonder architects chose’s system for New Zealand’s first, second and third 10-green star rated homes.


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Here's how the process works

Evaluate & Design

Every family and home is unique. First, we listen to your goals and then go over your new home plans to determine the best solution for you. Then we prepare a quote so you can make an informed decision that takes all costs into account 

Build and Deliver

Our technical design team will create a bespoke layout for your home, to ensure steady, unobtrusive comfort throughout. Extremely durable plastic pipes are laid out, ready for your foundation to be poured, and a heat pump is connected and commissioned at the end of the build

Move-in & Enjoy

Welcome home to happiness. Our friendly team will come to your home to activate your system and answer any questions you have. With smart WIFI enabled controllers and no ongoing maintenance required, you can settle in for generations of comfort ahead

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Over past 12 years, are continuesly working with these experts in building energy-efficient homes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydronic Underfloor Heating right for my new home?

Hydronic underfloor heating is the most comfortable, cost-effective form of home heating available. But there are a few things to consider. Each situation is different and it’s best to talk to about your specific home. Don’t hesitate to call – we’re passionate about what we do and always happy to help.

Is it expensive to run?

Compared to all other forms of home heating, Hydronic Underfloor Heating costs the least to run thanks to the highly efficient heat pump that powers the system. We recently did a survey of customers in Christchurch, and their responses showed a range of costs per square metre from $1.12 to $2.50 per winter month (May, Jun, and Jul).

Why choose

Our Hydronic Underfloor Heating system is designed to last a lifetime. We have carefully chosen premium technology and high-quality components, backed by a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your system will provide superior comfort for many years to come.

Is this a new kind of technology?

In fact, Hydronic Underfloor Heating has been used for centuries! The Romans heated their homes using the same approach over 2000 years ago. Today, it uses much more advanced technology and is a common form of heating throughout Europe and Asia.

Does it matter what my floor covering is?

Different floor coverings have different characteristics but for most types of coverings, Hydronic Underfloor Heating is still the best option. We have successfully installed our system into homes with a wide range of floor coverings including carpet, vinyl tiles, laminated floors, engineered timber and real wood floors, ceramic tiles, and of course, polished concrete.

Do air-to-water pumps work on very cold days?

Yes, our heat pumps are designed to operate under outdoor temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. Hydronic Underfloor Heating by is designed to suit all New Zealand weather conditions, all year round.