Cost-effective Home Heating

We provide luxurious, affordable, in-slab underfloor heating and hot-water heating to new build in Canterbury.

In-slab underfloor heating

Powered by air-to-water heat pumps generating radiant heat, our systems are very cost-effective.
You’ll love in-slab underfloor heating because it:
1. Is more cost-effective than most other forms of heating due to running at lower temperatures.
2. Creates a luxurious thermal environment by producing radiant heat. You will experience no cold zones, and the system WILL NOT blow allergens and bacteria throughout your house.
3. The slab acts as a giant heat store, giving a long-term heat.
4. Is silent, and as it’s underfloor, it takes up no living space.
5. By combining solar PV energy with an air-to-water heat pump, you dramatically reduce your dependence on mains electricity, and you can save as much as $150 per month on electricity costs.

Domestic hot water heating

Heat pumps heat water up to three times more efficiently than conventional electric resistance water heaters. They are more efficient because they transfer heat from one area to another, rather than heat an area directly. Heat pumps are ideal for hot water cylinders, swimming pools and underfloor heating.

A heat pump works like a refrigerator in reverse. Free heat is extracted from the atmosphere at ambient temperature and then transferred efficiently to a water system via a heat exchanger. Depending on the ambient temperature, for 2 kW of electrical energy, you can usually expect up to 8kW of heat energy. In comparison, conventional electric resistance water heaters provide just 1:1 heat for each kW of energy used.

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Free Seminar

THE BEST WAY TO HEAT YOUR NEW HOME. REALLY.on 3rd July, Wednesday 6PM(Refreshment 5:30) Home Ideas Centre

Open Home Tour

First 10 homestar homeon 6th July, Saturday 2pm Sharp. 11 Church Square, Addington

Open Home Tour

Warm and affordable Home in New Brightonon 9th July, 6pm - 7pm. 124 Bowhill road, New Brighton

Home Ideas Centre Showroom

Showcasing Underfloor heating systemon 20th July, Saturday 11am-2PM, Stand #214,

Open Home Tour

Feel the warmth at First 10 Homestar homeOn 20th July, Saturday, 11am - 2pm. 11 Church Square, Addington


SUPERHOMES ChristchurchOn 27th-28th July, 8-10 Homes featured in this tour.

Free Seminar

Maximise your solar PV poweron 14th Aug, Wednesday 6PM(Refreshment 5:30) Home Ideas Centre

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Canterbury HomeShowOn 18th-20th OCT, 10AM - 5PM. Horncastle Arena, Addington

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Our Wonderful Team

Meet our talented, knowledgeable group of professionals.

Martin Reilly

Martin Reilly

Marketing Wizard

Martin sounds North American but is really a born and bred kiwi. He trained in architecture (in Kentucky) and lived in Chicago, developing an in-depth understanding of heating systems for cold environments. Martin brings a strong customer focus to the business.

Zsuzsa Zsiga

Zsuzsa Zsiga

Office Manager

Zsuzsa is the central operating system for Her daily work ranges from project management and general administrative activities. Zsuzsa loves to travel and garden in her spare time when she is not working on her physical fitness.

Adam Stainton

Adam Stainton

Sales Coordinator

Adam is a positive and humble young fellow. He enjoys meeting new people and he is easy to talk with. He is passionate about NZ housing as well as rugby. He is also keen to improve his Maori language.

Hanshu Li

Hanshu Li

Information Tech

Hanshu is an IT whizz and has plenty of energy to support projects in the field and keep in touch with suppliers. Hanshu is a budding artist and is developing a talent for oil painting.

John Kipping

John Kipping

Underfloor Heat Guru

John is mad keen on electric vehicles and chocolate. He also has an interest in better quality homes for health and economic reasons and wants to see more homes with underfloor heating. When not working on heating related issues John is dabbling in forestry and carbon credits.

Kelvin Gao

Kelvin Gao

Service Technican

Kelvin is training to be a quantity surveyor and is an expert fitout installer. Often working or studying, Kelvin likes to improve his language knowledge & learn more about his newly adopted country.

Our Partners is part of the Superhome Movement and work with Architects and Builders that are experts in energy-efficient homes.