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We provide luxurious, affordable, in-slab underfloor heating and hot-water heating to new build in Canterbury.

In-slab underfloor heating

Powered by air-to-water heat pumps generating radiant heat, our systems are very cost-effective.
You’ll love in-slab underfloor heating because it:
1. Is more cost-effective than most other forms of heating due to running at lower temperatures.
2. Creates a luxurious thermal environment by producing radiant heat. You will experience no cold zones, and the system WILL NOT blow allergens and bacteria throughout your house.
3. The slab acts as a giant heat store, giving a long-term heat.
4. Is silent, and as it’s underfloor, it takes up no living space.
5. By combining solar PV energy with an air-to-water heat pump, you dramatically reduce your dependence on mains electricity, and you can save as much as $150 per month on electricity costs.

Water heating

Heat pumps heat water up to three times more efficiently than conventional electric resistance water heaters. They are more efficient because they transfer heat from one area to another, rather than heat an area directly. Heat pumps are ideal for hot water cylinders, swimming pools and underfloor heating.

A heat pump works like a refrigerator in reverse. Free heat is extracted from the atmosphere at ambient temperature and then transferred efficiently to a water system via a heat exchanger. Depending on the ambient temperature, for 2 kW of electrical energy, you can usually expect up to 8kW of heat energy. In comparison, conventional electric resistance water heaters provide just 1:1 heat for each kW of energy used.

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Built on TC1 land, this home rests on a fully insulated concrete foundation with in slab hydronic underfloor heating. This combined with a dual hot water heat pump connected to a 3.4Kw Photo Voltaic (solar) system provides the home with warmth throughout without the expensive power bill. “The real challenge in residential building is educating the public that the current building code is actually the minimum standard you can build to. It is legally the worst home you can build in New Zealand” says LiteGreen’s general manager Martin Thompson. “People […]

Learn how Solar PV power might more than pay for itself

New Thinking Learn how Solar Photo Voltaic power can more than pay for itself with your underfloor heating and hot water.   You’re invited because you have air to water heat pumps heating your floor slab and your hot water cylinder.   This makes it probable that you can save enough money to completely pay for a new Solar Photo Voltaic installation, and lower your energy costs even further.   Learn why and how this is possible.   $10,000 will get you a pretty powerful Photo Voltaic array installed.  And increasing […]

Black Door House

‘Best Modern Method of Construction’ award

World Architecture News Awards thoroughly understood the power of Max’s Black Door House’s design, awarding it first prize in the ‘Best Modern Method of Construction’ category, with the comment it stands as an object of art overlooking the ocean. When choosing underfloor heating, both the architect and builder knew the client would be thrilled, not only now, but well into the future and there is special satisfaction for the company knowing it had not relied on an expensive system to win the award. advise anyone building a new […]

Healthy Living – Free Seminar at Home Ideas Centre in conjunction with Land Homes On 6:00pm, Wednesday, 9th May (Drinks and nibbles from 5:30) A Healthy family, is a happy family, A Healthy Home is a Wealthy Home.   As members of a family, we are each responsible to ourselves, to our children, to our elders, as well as to the broader community in how we decide to live in our homes.  We cannot always rely on the “experts”. So, it must be you who makes the choices that will enhance the quality of your life in your family […]

Our Partners are part of the Superhome Movement and work with Architects and Builders that are experts in energy-efficient homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is hydronic underfloor heating right for me?

It really is very simple and cost effective. However, there are a few things to consider and it is best to talk to to find out more. Anyone building a new house will get a benefit from hydronic underfloor heating compared to just installing wall mounted heat pumps. How to get maximum benefit requires consideration of insulation, house orientation to north etc. On this basis, some houses will be much more efficient to run due to thermal gain and design factors. Hydronic underfloor heating is superior to all other forms of heating.

How does it work?

Underfloor heating has been used for centuries. The Romans used it for home heating about over 2000 years ago.
The heat pump heats water and circulates it through a network of pipes laid in the floor. The house is divided into a series of zones or regions and controlled by a manifold placed inside the house. By circulating the water on a frequent basis the slab is evenly heated. Overall control is set by a thermostat placed in a neutral heat zone in the house. This means it will not shut down due to high heat from the sunny side of the house and keep on running due to being on the cold side of the house. The temperature can be programmed to go down to a pre-determined temperature before the heat pump starts heating the slab up again.
Hydronic heating with water pipes in the salb, is simply the best way of heating a home.

How do I get the best results?

This varies from house to house and personal comfort levels. We can advise on who to talk to regarding insulation, building materials, thermal gain and losses. We can also provide information on the best size of heat pump for in-slab heating and hot water heating.
Hot water heat pumps are as efficient as conventional high wall heat pumps. However, the whole house is heated and there are no draughts.

Am I better to have a higher capacity heat pump for underfloor heating?

Hot water heat pumps have similar efficiencies. A larger unit will cost more to purchase, run for a shorter period of time, and cost the same to run overall.

Do air-to-water pumps work on very cold days?

Yes, but not quite as efficiently as on warmer days. They will still be more efficient than other forms of home heating.
Note – a slab can store a lot of energy, so a house will not go really cold in winter – whatever the weather

Can I alter the temperature room by room?

You can turn rooms off but generally leaving them on means the house is evenly heated with minimal losses. The flow through every run of pipe can be adjusted to lower the relative temperature – hence it is easy to reduce bedroom temperature for example.

Is it expensive to run?

The maintain the same temperature, the system is only replacing the heat the house losing. The less heat the house loss, the less the system needs to run.
The system is controlled by a wireless thermostat. You can choose the temperature or running cost. The warmer the house, the more it costs to run.

Can I use an air-to-water heat pump for cooling like an air-to-air heat pump?

No. However, a well-designed house with adequate eves will be cool during summer times. We recommend that you consider ventilation to keep air fresh in your home.

How much more than air-to-air heating does this system cost?

Conventional heat pump cannot heat the floor, so the comparisons are not really relevant.

When the temperature of the concrete slab changes, will it affect my (wooden) floor?

No. If the slab is prepared properly and the wood applied correctly, the heat in the slab won’t affect flooring. Some carpet underlays may act as a thermal barrier, and you should check this with your carpet supplier.
The maximum floor surface temperature is 25 degree Celsius.

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Martin Reilly

Martin Reilly

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Martin sounds North American but is really a born and bred kiwi. He trained in architecture (in Kentucky) and lived in Chicago, developing an in-depth understanding of heating systems for cold environments. Martin brings a strong customer focus to the business.

Zsuzsa Zsiga

Zsuzsa Zsiga

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Zsuzsa is the central operating system for Her daily work ranges from project management and general administrative activities. Zsuzsa loves to travel and garden in her spare time when she is not working on her physical fitness.

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Kelvin Gao

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Kelvin is training to be a quantity surveyor and is an expert fitout installer. Often working or studying, Kelvin likes to improve his language knowledge & learn more about his newly adopted country.

John Kipping

John Kipping

Underfloor Heat Guru

John is mad keen on electric vehicles and chocolate. He also has an interest in better quality homes for health and economic reasons and wants to see more homes with underfloor heating. When not working on heating related issues John is dabbling in forestry and carbon credits.

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Hanshu Li

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Hanshu is an IT whizz and has plenty of energy to support projects in the field and keep in touch with suppliers. Hanshu is a budding artist and is developing a talent for oil painting.

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