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Come and visit Martin!

Winter is coming… Do you have any ideas about how to bring a warm and comfortable winter to your family? Do you want to experience an underfloor heating system in a real house with your feet standing on the warm […]

Our FREE Underfloor Heating Webinar is coming up

Register for our FREE Webinar to learn how underfloor heating has changed the way we live We are running a webinar in the next week or two. Leave us a message with your preferred time out of the followings:  11 am, […]

Turn your new house into a home – with underfloor heating

Turn your new house into a home – with underfloor heating By using heat pump technology  – you can now have a warm floor, a warm house, reasonable install costs and low running costs. It’s surprisingly easy. We simply install […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about underfloor heating

Everything you ever wanted to know about underfloor heating STUFF NEWS By Shabnam Dastgheib  6:00, May 02 2020 Click here to read from the original website It is recommended that an underfloor heating system be run continuously over the cooler […]

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Cost-effective Energy Solution

We provide luxurious, affordable, in-slab underfloor heating, cooling and heat pump hot water to new builds in the South Island of New Zealand.

In-slab underfloor heating

Powered by air-to-water heat pumps generating radiant heat, our systems are very cost-effective.
You’ll love in-slab underfloor heating because… Learn More

In-slab underfloor cooling

We are offering cooling as well. The same heat pump and network of pipes can be used for cooling. You can enjoy a warm winter and a cool summer with underfloor system. Learn More

Heat pump hot water

Air-to-water heat pumps are ideal for domestic hot water heating, swimming pool heating. Compare to electrical water heaters, heat pump hot water is energy (cost) saving from day one. And… Learn More

Power Up with Solar Panels

By combining solar PV energy with an air-to-water heat pump, The home is immediately turned into a giant energy battery by storing the heat energy into the cylinder and the concrete slab. Learn More

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Whole Home Heating

Luxurious underfloor heating pipes throughout and heats every room


High Efficiency

Using a range of energy efficient heat pumps with SCOP of 4.88:1


Simple Control

Thermostatically controlled system - simple and effective


5 Year Warranty

Long Life System Warranty. Additional one year warranty for heat pump(s)


Eco Friendly

Minimal waste produced. Using green heat source. No fossil fuels involved


Almost Zero Maintenance

No ongoing service charge. No ferrous component installed


NO Buffer Tank

No Additional tank required for underfloor heating system


No Draught

No hot air blowing around or heating the ceiling first

Our Partners has worked with these experts in building energy-efficient homes

Our Senior Staff

Meet our talented, knowledgeable group of professionals.

Zsuzsa Zsiga

Zsuzsa Zsiga


Zsuzsa is the central operating system for Her daily work ranges from receiving and redirecting all inquires, handling accounts and invoices to general administrative activities. Zsuzsa actively building her online health, beauty and wellness business.

Rick Zhang

Rick Zhang


Rick's background in IT & marketing as well as his working experience with commercial heat pumps, we are able to continuously expand ’s online presence & share our knowledge with a wider audience. Rick also likes to keep fit and practice kickboxing.

John Kipping

John Kipping

Underfloor Heating Guru

John is mad keen on electric vehicles and chocolate. He also has an interest in better quality homes for health and economic reasons and wants to see more homes with underfloor heating. When not working on heating related issues John is dabbling in forestry and carbon credits.

Martin Reilly

Martin Reilly

Director & Marketing Wizard

Martin sounds North American but is really a born and bred kiwi. He trained in architecture (in Kentucky) and lived in Chicago, developing an in-depth understanding of heating systems for cold environments. Martin brings a strong customer focus to the business.