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10 Star Superhome SeminarOn Sat 8 Feb, 2 pm - 3 pm, at 11 Church Square, Addington, Christchurch

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Home Energy SolutionContact us on how to bring a warm winter to your family

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First 10 Homestar Superhomeon Sat 2 Nov, 2PM, 2019. At 11 Church Square, Addington, Christchurch

Cost-effective Energy Solution

We provide luxurious, affordable, in-slab underfloor heating, cooling and heat pump hot water to new builds in the South Island of New Zealand.

In-slab underfloor heating

Powered by air-to-water heat pumps generating radiant heat, our systems are very cost-effective.
You’ll love in-slab underfloor heating because… Learn More

In-slab underfloor cooling

We are offering cooling as well. The same heat pump and network of pipes can be used for cooling. You can enjoy a warm winter and a cool summer with underfloor system. Learn More

Heat pump hot water

Air-to-water heat pumps are ideal for domestic hot water heating, swimming pool heating. Compare to electrical water heaters, heat pump hot water is energy (cost) saving from day one. And… Learn More

Power Up with Solar Panels

By combining solar PV energy with an air-to-water heat pump, The home is immediately turned into a giant energy battery by storing the heat energy into the cylinder and the concrete slab. Learn More

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Housing Matters: 2019 Industry Tour of Christchurch Superhomes

You Housing Matters 2019 Industry Tour of Christchurch Superhomes is coming! 6 December 2019 8.30am-4.45pm This full day bus tour is a unique opportunity to learn from the expert designers and builders about some of the most innovative high-performance, highest […]

Return on Investment for a Hot Water Heat Pump

The single best thing for many households to do….. is install a hot water heat pump. Why? A 300 litre hot water cylinder requires 15kWhrs of energy to heat it.Assuming electricty is 25c per kWhr, the cost per day is […]

Your Flooring Matters

Your Flooring Matters. Can we have underfloor heating with timber flooring? Yes, with underfloor heating (water based & heat pump powered) Do we need underfloor heating in carpeted areas? Of course we do. No one wants cold bedrooms. The […]

The 600m2 preschool project in Halswell

600m2 Preschool Project in Halswell It is currently under construction and is expected to be open in 2020. As always, we have designed a straightforward and durable heating system. This system that we have designed for the Pre-School is both […]

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